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Dr. Christine Gray


"Please accept my deepest appreciations for your monetary support, which has made all the difference in one of the darkest and most trying times of my life." Read more...

Business Owner

"I write to express my utmost appreciation for your financial donation that has enabled me to continue with counseling services with Mr. Glenn Rau." Read more...

Retired Teacher

"I could never have come close to being able to pay for my own therapy all those years and would have had to continue to struggle through life on my own were it not for the great gift of very generous financial assistance. Thank you so much for recognizing the great need there is to help others along the path to great mental health." Read more...

Office Manager

"Speaking of my experiences and feelings has not been easy. I've worked hard to uncover feelings. It has also been difficult to accept things about myself that I've done in the past that I don't like. Today after 6 months of counselling II truly feel like a stronger, more confident and happier version of me." Read more...

Young Mom

"I would like to take the time to offer my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your financial support and donation towards counselling services with Glenn Rau at Midnapore Counselling." Read more...


"I wish to express a deep and heartfelt thank you for contributing to a very good cause. Glenn’s kind and insightful guidance has been very, very helpful to me. Without your generosity and concern, I would be unable to obtain services on an ongoing basis. People like yourself are very much needed and considered invaluable. Please continue with your generosity as it has helped me tremendously."

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