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Office Manager:

"After years of verbal and sexual abuse my mind developed what is known as Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Basically, in order to survive these times of terrifying abuse, my mind developed a way for me to "disappear" so that I did not have to suffer but rather an "alter" personality would come forward during the abuse, thus allowing me to carry on as if life were "normal".

It was a mechanism that allowed me to survive but the problem with this mental disorder or illness is that it does not just disappear when the abuse stops. Instead, the "alters" stay throughout our lives causing havoc unless we receive proper treatment.

I suffered for years with this disability until I began therapy with Glenn Rau. Over several years of hard work on Glenn's part and difficult therapy for me I have come to the point where I can confidently and happily say that I am healed!

My life is no longer the darkness that it once was, I no longer want to end my life and I am in awe at how much better I feel.

I could never have come close to being able to pay for my own therapy all those years and would have had to continue to struggle through life on my own were it not for the great gift of very generous financial assistance.

Thank you so much for recognizing the great need there is to help others along the path to great mental health."


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